French Phrasebook: +1400 French Phrases to travel in France with confidence! -

French Phrasebook: +1400 French Phrases to travel in France with confidence!

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Author: Frederic Bibard

Edition: Bilingual

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 356

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 05-03-2015


French phrase book with audio

Do you want to visit France? Or what about eating out at a French restaurant? Maybe you want to impress your friends with some common French phrases. No matter the reason, you’ll find over 1,400 common French phrases here that will help you learn how to communicate like a native.

Not only do we break down each phrase so that you easily understand what they mean, but there’s also a simple pronunciation guide. Not sure how to say “salut?” What about “bonjour?” You’ll find phonetic guides so that you say these words properly each and every time.

Visiting France with confidence requires more than just knowing some phrases. Each country has a different culture, and France is no different. Many of the common differences will be covered here so that you know what to expect and how to act when visiting.

Already know French? You’ll find this book keeps your skills sharp by reminding you of the common phrases and how to properly pronounce them. Language skills fade over time if they aren’t frequently used, so brush up on your French with ease.

The full version of this book includes:

  • 1,400 common French phrases for every situation
  • 600+ foods that you’ll find at any French restaurant
  • Phonetic break down of every word for easy understanding

Written by Frédéric Bibard himself, the founder of the award-winning blog, you’ll be learning from an expert who has spent years teaching the language and making it both fun and simple. His years of experience have helped him foster a style that makes the language engaging and accessible.

Whether you’re looking to visit France or are just interested in the language, this book will serve you well. Learn phrases for any situation and feel confident

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