All of our programs are designed with the same objective in mind: to open new doors, develop new skills, and have the opportunity to share what you already know.

We know from experience that learning is always more efficient if it's fun. That's why we try to structure our whole experience around games and simple exercises.

Our programs are built to be as convenient and accessible as possible. We know that you are busy and value your time so we aim to be where you are.

You can join your local chapter to attend our Talks and soon you will be able to get our programs directly delivered into your mailbox.

There is no charge for the Talks but contributions are welcome to support the costs of your host and improve the quality of the Talks themselves.


MOLKOÏ Talks French

This is our first program. Why? Since Axel Girier-Dufournier, MOLKOÏ's founder, is French it made sense to start with the skill that was the most natural to him. At MOLKOÏ, we are all about sharing what we already know.

Our Talks are based on collaboration and conversation. This means that we don't teach French in an academic way. We just share what we know and what could be useful to you. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to have an actual conversation. To do so, we use fun group exercises and games to learn vocabulary, grammar, and structural rules. Every session is an independent "capsule" to avoid anybody feeling lost after missing one or more days. This also makes it easier for new comers to join the group.

Beginners and intermediate levels are welcome.