All of our programs are designed with the same objective in mind: to open new doors, develop new skills, and have the opportunity to share and learn together.

We know from experience that learning is always more efficient if it's fun. That's why we structure our whole experience around games and simple exercises.

Our programs are built to be as convenient and accessible as possible. We know that you are busy and value your time so we aim to be where you are.

You can join your local chapter in Hoboken and Jersey City, NJ to attend our Talks or click on the Programs below to learn more:

MOLKOÏ Talks French (MTF) 

--> MOLKOÏ Talks French - Beginners (MTFB)

--> MOLKOÏ Talks French - Intermediate/Advanced (MTFI/MTFA)

--> MOLKOÏ Talks French Book Club (MTFBC) Coming Soon!