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You'll find below all the templates you need to run a successful French Talk. You just need to click on the Talk you are interested in and follow the "Give a Talk" process.

MOLKOÏ Talks French is a collective effort. Therefore, you may also be creative and bring your own contribution to the program by using the general Talk Template to design a new session. Then, once validated and shared on this page, this new Talk could be used by all the Hosts across Chapters.

By clicking on a title, you'll download the template (docx format) to use for your session.



MOLKOÏ Talks French - Talk Template



MOLKOÏ Talks French - Masculin ou Féminin by Axel Girier-Dufournier on: How to Guess the Gender of French Nouns

MOLKOÏ Talks French - Tu ou Vous by Axel Girier-Dufournier on: How to Use You in French



MOLKOÏ Talks French - Comment Dit-On ? by Axel Girier-Dufournier on: Vocabulary and How to ask for Vocabulary in French