MOLKOÏ is a Social Impact Organization that combines the foundations of personal development with the support of a strong community - wherever you need it. 
We are dedicated to empower you to have a positive impact on your own community, environment and personal life. This empowerment is the bedrock of our values and identity described in our Manifesto.
Our action is focused on three main factors:
-  First, we offer you self-empowerment resources like thought-provoking content, programs, and classes to open new doors, develop new skills, and have the opportunity to share what you already know.
- Then, we help you to find like-minded people to create your support community or strengthen the one you already have. The MOLKOÏ Nation is all about sharing and learning with and from each other. No judgement, no pressure, no risk.

- Finally, we know from experience that your journey toward self-determination can be challenging. It can also be impacted by time or environment constraints. That's why we are building MOLKOÏ as a 360° project. This simply means that we aim to be where you are.

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MOLKOÏ is a volunteer-led organization supported by core staff members.



Axel Girier-Dufournier, Founder & General Manager


Axel was born and raised in French Guiana, a French territory in South America, where he graduated high school. He then moved to Paris, France where he lived for 8 years.

After 3 years there, serving in the French army, he decided to go back to school. While working in customer service, he earned an associate's degree in business & marketing; soon followed by a bachelor's degree in logistics & supply chain and further professional experience as a distribution process architect and project manager.

In 2013, he moved to New Jersey and continued his journey toward lifelong learning and risk taking. After a rough start in America, Axel decided to dedicate his efforts to serving and founding MOLKOÏ, to lead other people to their own empowerment and self-development. 


 Lauren Clemente, Artistic Director


Douglas McKeon, Editor




We could not accomplish our mission without the support, involvement and enthusiasm of all our friends, supporters and sponsors.

A special thank you to:

Laetitia Domi, the bwè kafe family, Martha Martinez, Starr Tucker-Ortega, Alexandra Tumminia, Michele Gragnano Spiezia, Francesco Spiezia, all the MOLKOÏ Nation and Bamboo.