2021-04-27 - MOLKOÏ French Club - Online French Class - Beginner - Préfixe français Re- (Re- French Prefix)


Préfixe français Re-

(Re- French Prefix)

  • Goals: To Know How to Use the French Prefix Re-

La date du jour

Aujourd’hui, nous sommes le mardi vingt-sept avril deux mille vingt-et-un

= Today is Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Notes et Vocabulaire

(Notes and Vocabulary)

un homme à tout faire = a handyman

j’en ai marre = I ‘m fed up

il a des choses énervantes = there are some upsetting things

un avis, une opinion = an opinion

je suis à la retraite = I am retired

je suis content de ne plus travailler = I’m happy that I don’t work anymore

remplir = to fill up

tu m’étonnes ! = you think?!

a pie = une tarte

Préfixe français Re-

(Re- French Prefix)

Significations de Re-

(Meanings of Re-)

→ refaire (to do again, to redo)

monter = to go up/to climb up

remonter = to go up again

dire = to say

redire = to say again

→ retourner à un endroit, une condition ou un état d’esprit

(To return to a previous location, condition, or state of being)

venir = to come

revenir = to come back

s’habituer = to accustom (someone to something)

se réhabituer = to reaccustom (someone to something)

→ appuyer un verbe (to emphasize a verb)

doubler = to double

redoubler = to increase, to redouble

Re- et ses variantes

(Re- and its variations)

Re- is added to verbs that begin with a consonant or h aspiré:

Vendre (to sell) → revendre (to resell)

Hausser (to raise) → rehausser (to heighten)

Res- becomes Res- in front of a verb starting with s:

Sortir (to go out) → ressortir (to go out again)

Ré- and r-, in front of a vowel or h muet :

entrer (to go home) → rentrer (to return home)

écrire (to write) → réécrire (to write again

alternative spelling = récrire

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