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2021-03-30 - MOLKOÏ French Club - Online French Class - La Prononciation: Les Voyelles (Pronunciation: Vowels)

La Prononciation: Les Voyelles

(Pronunciation: Vowels)

  •  Goals: Understand French pronunciation principles and improve pronunciation

La date du jour

Aujourd’hui, nous sommes le mardi trente mars deux mille vingt-et-un

= Today is Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Notes et Vocabulaire

(Notes and Vocabulary)

nous sommes allés à = we went to

acheter = to buy

grossiste = wholesale

j’ai entendu = I heard

élever = to raise

à l’aise = comfortable

je rigole = I’m kidding

j’ai mon ordinateur depuis trois ans = I’ve had my computer for three years

je n’ai pas écrit = I didn’t write

je n’écris pas = I’m not writing, I don’t write

dire quelque chose à haute voix = to say something out loud

j’ai essayé = I tried


il a des amis = he has friends

il vit à Hoboken = he lives in Hoboken

Pâques = Easter

le dimanche Pascal = Easter sunday

un hôpital = un milieu hospitalier

je conjugue → j’ai conjugué

je conjugué

je mange → j’ai mangé

je mangé

é, c’est un accent aigu

è, c’est un accent grave

ê, c’est accent circonflexe

une femme = a wife

la faim = hunger

y → i grec

je me rappelle = I remember

ça n’a pas marcher

Pronunciation Chart


French Spelling



a, à, â

a (like in father)



uh (like in amazing)


e (when followed by pronounced consonant)

e (like in let)

belle, quel

eu, oeu (when followed by pronounced consonant)

uh (like in sir)

with rounded and loose lips


(the hour/the time), un oeuf

(an egg)

eu, oeu (at the end of word or when followed by silent consonant)

uh (like in amazing)

le feu, des oeufs

é, er, ez (at the end of words)

ay (like in play)

une vallée, aller, venez

è, ê, aî

e (like in let)

ma mère (my mother), une bête (a beast), une chaîne (a chain, a channel)


ee (like in feet)

qui (who), ici (here)

i (when followed by a vowel)

y (like in yes)

bien (well), hier (yesterday)

o, au, eau, ô

o (like in coat)

beau (handsome, nice), chaud (hot), l’eau (the water), hôpital


oo (like in tooth)

nous, courir (to run)


wa (like in watt)




voyager (to travel), se noyer (to drown)


- say ee, then round your lips

tu, du jus, juste


  • say ee, then round your lips
  • then say ee again

lui, fuir (to run away)

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Tired of learning French alone? Try our group classes.

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