Learn French,
make new friends.

Learning French with us is fun and easy, as it should be.
Enjoy the process
It's fun.

At MOLKOÏ, learning is a community activity.

Through games, presentations and guided discussions about our lives, different aspects of culture, hobbies, passions, memories and aspirations – we get practice speaking and listening French, we learn new vocabulary and grammar,

and we have a LOT of fun.

Make real progress
It works.

Our method is mostly based on comprehensible input and positive reinforcement. We make sure to keep the process of learning French easy and efficient.

With us, it's structured and organized, but flexible. The content of each class will actually change based on the attendees and their level, to make sure that it stays challenging while being beneficial to everyone.

With the same idea of flexibility in mind, each session is built as an independent capsule and you don't need to follow any specific order, to get real value out of any individual class.

We also offer our French classes and events online and in person (coming back soon!).

Make new friends
It's a community.

We are entrepreneurs, students, retirees, businesspeople, artists; we are born-and-bred in Hoboken and Jersey City, and we come from all around the world.

We exclusively do group classes for adults, at the moment, but French speakers and learners at all levels are welcome.

Our current members have been with us for almost 3 years, in average, and their French level skyrocketed during that period.

Don't just believe what we say. Read their testimonials below and come to ask them yourself.

They'll be happy to meet you. ;-)

Over 900 people took a class with us.


MOLKOÏ creates a community of learning and sharing in a very relaxed atmosphere. Consequently, learning becomes much more interesting and enjoyable than doing it alone or in a formal class.

Cecile W.

The best part might be the banter and interplay of the participants who've been brought together beneath a central mission or theme, in this case the pretense of the game.

Michael S.

Great class! Started and ended on time and we played a game! It was so nice to talk about life and anything other than COVID-19. Thank you for a lighthearted evening en français. 🥰

Cat Y.

MOLKOÏ is unique. In addition to its fun and effective way of teaching french, it creates a positive, supportive and encouraging environment. Such environment helps build self confidence in the participants, which helps them in other aspects of their life."

Dina O.

Bon sang de bonne séance !

Jim C.

I very much enjoy the Racontez Moi Une Histoire and the topics you give us. I think it’s a perfect vehicle to expand our topics outside of just the events of our day and it forces us to come up with sentences and vocabulary we wouldn’t normally know or use. [...] Thanks, keep up the great stuff!

Danh N.

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