MOLKOÏ’s mission is to empower unique individuals to have a positive impact by helping them understand their environment and embrace their essential nature.
Our mission is guided by 8 core values that we all live by:
#1 Make a Positive Impact.
#2 Be Compassionate and Honest.
#3 Open Your Mind to Yourself and Others.
#4 Dare to Accept Yourself.
#5 Try and Fail.
#6 Lead by Example and Stay Hungry.
#7 Share What You Have, What You Know.
#8 Feel Empowered and Open New Doors.
We are lifelong learners. We are unique and different.
We show daring and determination. We are crusaders and leaders.
We live a lifestyle of freedom, self-empowerment, and self-determination.
We listen to each other, we learn from each other, and we create together.
We build strong ongoing relationships, we serve our community, and we support each other.
We create and share social events that reflect our mission.
We are open, inviting, and inclusive.
We welcome people of all ages, races, beliefs and socioeconomic backgrounds with open arms. We nurture the needs for belonging and self-esteem.
We promote self-exploration and freedom from social standards.
We promote self-determination.
We are empowering.
We are MOLKOÏ.

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