Top 20 French Slang Expressions You Have To Know

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One of the best ways to learn to speak French is to dive into everyday French expressions. To do so, there are films, series, songs, and above all French speaking practice with seasoned speakers. If the French "argot" was once considered the ghetto kids' slang, it is now spoken by any cool kids. Now, it changes fast and varies from a neighborhood to another, but the list below covers the basics anywhere you go.

Un beau gosse
A handsome man
Je m'en bats les couilles
I don't give a fuck
C'est relou
It's annoying
J'ai le seum
I am super pissed
C'est lourd!
It's fucking brilliant!
Il est déter!
He is so ready!
Ça passe crème
It works out just fine
C'est un cassos
He is a misfit
C'est chaud! / C'est chaudé
This is no joke! (concerning)
Il a pas l'temps
He's not playing (and he's making MOVES)
C'est un ouf
He is crazy
J'étais sapé comme jamais
I was super well dressed
To drink alcohol
Un gars
A man
Une go / une meuf
A woman
Ça me fait chier
It is fucking annoying
Un babtou
A white person
Un renoi
A black person
To have a blast
Have fun with it and tell us  if you can already recognize these expressions in your French listening practice 🤓

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