Top 20 French Familiar Expressions You Have To Know

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One of the best ways to learn to speak French is to dive into everyday French expressions. To do so, there are films, series, songs, and above all French speaking practice with seasoned speakers. In this article, we go a little further helping you understand the familiar register of the French language and its top 20 expressions you will inevitably hear in the mouth of the coolest Frenchies in town.

To have a blast
J'en n'ai rien à foutre
I don't give a f***
Travailler comme un chien
To work like crazy
C'est pas la porte à côté
It's far (when talking about a place)
Fais gaffe!
Watch out!
J'ai la  rage
I'm really annoyed
Ça va pas non!
Are you dumb?!
C'est une arnaque
It's a scam / It's a bad deal / He's a complete joke
Je ne pouvais même pas en placer une
He/She was talking so much I couldn't even say a word
Faut voir
Let's make sure everything is square
Être plein aux as
To be mad rich
Péter un câble
To go 0 to a 100 real quick😉 (100 = super pissed)
C'est mal barré
It's not off to a good start
J'ai la flemme
I can't be bothered
Il pète plus haut que son cul
He thinks he's bigger than life
Ça me fait chier
It is f***ing annoying
Je pige que dalle
I don't understand nothing at all
J'ai la tête dans le cul
I feel like shit (from being super tired)
J'ai la gueule de bois
I'm hungover
Se la péter
To show off
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