Top 15 Words We Use in Both French and English

Top 15 Words We Use in Both French and English young woman writing on white board back

As a native French speaker I must say I was pleasantly surprised to hear a few French words here and there the first time I came to the US or when I watched TV shows. Not only was I happy to hear that English speakers used those words with the same meaning, but I was even happier to get a little break from that translating process that was a little exhausting at times (ok I’m a little lazy by nature, but that’s not the point).

So here I am providing you a list of the words that are already in your brain and that you can effortlessly bring out in your French conversations.

You’re welcome 😜

Expression Meaning
Avant-garde Ahead of its time / Ground-breaking
Brunette Dark brown hair woman
Chic Elegant and stylish
Déjà vu Strangely feeling that you have already experienced what is happening right now
Encore Call for a repeated or additional performance of at the end of a concert / Again
Façade The front of a building / fake personality
Faux pas Mistake / improper act
Fiancé The soon-to-be husband
Hors d'œuvre Small savoury appetizer
Mirage Optical illusion caused by atmospheric conditions
Petite  Small and thin
Pot-pourri Container full of dried petals and spices that perfumes a room
RSVP (Répondez S'il Vous Plaît) Please respond
Souvenir Small item bought in remembrance of a visited place
Touché Used to aknowledge a clever point

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