Top 10 Expressions to Go Shopping in France

curly hair girl with sun glasses smiling in front of a store while holding shopping bags

Whether you are shopping rue Saint-Honoré, on the flea market, or at a fancy restaurant, the list below will allow you to shop in all serenity. You’ll be ready to understand and speak the French shopping lingo.


Expression Meaning
Une bonne affaire A good deal
C'est pas cher It's not expensive
C'est de la pacotille It's cheap junk
C'est en solde It's on sales
Combien çà coûte? How much is it?
Payer par carte To pay by card
Payer en liquide To pay cash
Aller à la caisse To go to the cash register
Cabine d'essayage Dressing room
Ticket de caisse / reçu Receipt


Let us know below if you’d like to know the French equivalent of any other shopping expression frequently used in English ⬇

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