The “Article Partitif”

articcle partitif asian woman studying with glasses and pencils

The “article partitif” is used to introduce materials and nouns whose quantity is unprecise or cannot be counted. Its form varies depending on the different conditions listed below.

Condition Article partitif Example
In front of a masculin noun Du Je bois du lait (we don't precise the milk quantity)
In front of a feminin noun De la J'achète de la viande (we don't precise the quantity of meat being purchased)
In front of a noun starting with a vowel or an h De l' Je bois de l'eau (not de la eau)
Je verse de l'huile (not de la huile)
In front of a plural noun Des Je mange des pommes (we don't precise the apples quantity)
In a negative sentence De/d' (in front of a noun starting with a vowel) Je ne mange pas de viande (even if the noun is feminin)
Je ne mange pas de pommes (even if the noun is in its plural form)
Je ne bois pas d'eau


On your marks, get set, practice! And let us know below ⬇ if you have troubles using the “article partitif”.

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