The 8 Types of Noun in the French Language

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Before dressing or undressing nouns in sentences as you please, MOLKOÏ will help you identify them by typology so you can understand their function and therefore use them better. Let's start with the 8 different noun types.


Nom commun Vs  Nom propre
  • Has a definition,
  • Refers to the elements of an ensemble,
  • Starts with a small letter.

e.g. un bonbon, une carotte, un tiroir, etc.

  • Doesn't have a definition,
  • Refers to a single element (like a place or a person),
  • Starts with a capital letter.

e.g. Olivier Tom, le Musée du Louvre, etc.

Nom animé Vs Nom inanimé
  • Refers to a living being (real or imaginary like an animal, a divinity, a human being).

e.g. une femme, une souris, un dragon, un policier, etc.

  • Refers to an object, a feeling, a quality, an action, etc.

e.g. un bonbon, la fatigue, l'intelligence, la marche, etc.

Nom comptable


Nom non-comptable

  • Can be quantified.

e.g. 3 voitures, 5 gaufres, 1 écharpe, etc.

  • Can't be quantified.

e.g. de l'eau, du béton, de la farine, etc. 

Nom collectif


Nom individuel

  • Refers to an ensemble of several elements,
  • Always used in the singular.

e.g. une centaine, la clientèle, une bande, etc.

  • Refers to an indivisible element,
  • Used in the singular/plural.

e.g. un homme, un meuble, une pierre, etc.

I hope that helps. If you have any questions, please leave them in a comment below ↓ and we'll answer them as soon as possible. 😉

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