20 Favorite Insults of French Native Speakers

white woman putting her middle finger through the car's window while driving

French Speakers like to curse. A lot. To spice things up a little, to release frustration, and quite frankly to have a little fun. And let's be honest here, since one of the first things we like to teach each other is cursing in our respective language, here is MOLKOÏ's take on the top curse words (commonly called "gros mots") vital to the French speaking community.
Expression Meaning
Fils de pute Son of a bitch
Putain Whore or fuck+[another insult to triple its impact ] e.g. fucking bitch, shut the fuck up, etc.
Enculé Motherfucker
Connard/Connasse Bitch
Salope Slut
Sac à merde Shithead
Trou du cul (often used in its contracted form Trouduc) Asshole
Bâtard Bastard
Merde Shit
Pute Whore
Enfoiré Motherfucker (an alternative to enculé)
Abruti Fool
Bordel A mess
Couilles Balls
Cul Ass
Casse-couilles / Fait chier Pain in the ass
Suce ma bite Suck my dick
Pédé Fag (Attention please: MOLKOÏ does not condone discrimination of any kind)
Con (often emphasized with sale con) Idiot (fucking idiot)
Vas te faire enculer / Nique ta mère Fuck you / Go fuck yourself
Don't hesitate to use these word to communicate with drivers on any road in France 😈 No one will blame you. And let us know what's your favorite French insult so far?

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