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Sain litterally means healthy. Saint can play the role of a noun or adjective. In both case it refers to someone/something holy, sacred.
Gêne means discomfort, embarassment. Gène is the DNA segment.
Foi is the litteral translation of faith. Foie is the liver in the digestive tract.
Champ refers to a field whereas chant fait référence à une mélodie.
The #1 homophones not to mix up while learning French is the a (from the verb avoir – conjugated in present tense, 3rd singular person) –  and the à (preposition) duo.
Voix is the voice. Voie is a way, a lane, a path.
Ver is a worm. Vers is the noun that means either toward/around or verse.
La tante means aunt. Une tente is a tent.
Sur is the preposition that means on, over, upon, about/regarding. Sûr means sure, certain, safe.