How To Use French Adverbs?

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The adverb is an invariable word that provides additional information to the word/group of words it refers to:

Word / group of words

Adverb example


Il apprend vite.


La soupe est très chaude.
Des enfants particulièrement heureux.

Another adverb

Le rouge vous va bien mieux.


Décidémentl’année 2020 ne nous laisse aucun répit.


Where do we place them in a sentence?

As a general rule, you can bear in mind that:

  • When the adverb completes a verb, we place it after it:

         E.g. elle apprend vite

         => The adverb vite brings an additional information to the verb apprendre.


  • When the adverb completes an adjective, we place it before it:

         E.g. la coiffure était plutôt étrange

         => The adverb plutôt brings an additional information to the adjective étrange.

The different adverb types

Type Role
Place Gives space-related information
Time Gives time-related information
Manner Gives quality-related information / answers the how question
Quantity / Intensity Gives quantity-related information / answers the question "to which extent?"
Affirmation Adds an emphasis to what's being said
Negation Used to buld negation
Doubt Used to express the uncertainty of what's being said
Comparative Equality Used to express similarity / equality
Comparative superiority / inferiority Used to express superiority / inferiorty between things and beings
Superlative Used to express the highest degree of comparison

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