Everything You Need To Know About The Menu

A waiter is helping a couple to choose dishes from the restaurant's menu

Here is the list you need to get familiar with the menu terminology related to how dishes are served in France.

Expression Meaning
A la carte Dishes that can be ordered as single items
Gratuit / Inclus / Offert Free
Menu Meal (e.g. main course + dessert)
Plat du jour Daily special
Affiné Aged
Artisanal / Maison Traditionally made / Homemade
A la broche Cooked on a skewer
A la vapeur Steamed
A l'étouffée Stewed
Au four Baked
Bio Organic
Brûlé Burnt
Coupés en dés Diced
Coupé en tranches/rondelles Sliced
En croûte Within a crust
En daube In a stew, casserole
Farci Stuffed
Fondu  Melted
Frit Fried
Fumé Smoked
Glacé Glazed, frozen
Grillé Grilled
Haché Minced, ground meat
Poêlé panfried
Relevé Well seasoned, hot and spicy
Séché Dried
Truffé de Speckled with

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