Everything You Need to Identify the Dishes

hands sharing a mussels plate over a restaurant table

If you want to throw down with the perfect dish, take a look at the list below to know what the most common French specialties à la carte are made off.

Expression Meaning
Bœuf bourguignon Beef stew made with wine
Brandade de morue Mashed cod dish
Cassoulet Meat and beans casserole
Choucroute Sauerkraut
Confit de canard Salt-cured duck meat slowly cooked in its grease
Coq au vin Chicken cooked in red wine sauce
Crème brûlée Thick custard lightly burnt on top
Crêpe Thin and large pancake
Croque-monsieur Grilled ham and cheese sandwich
Crudités Raw vegetabes
Entrecôte Rib steak
Fines herbes Sweet herbs
Foie gras Goose liver
Moules / Steak frites Mussels / Steak and fries
Quiche lorraine Bacon bits and cheese quiche
Salade de chèvre chaud Green salad and goat cheese toast
Salade niçoise Salad, anchovies, tuna and hard boiled eggs mix
Tarte flambée Thin pizza topped with sour creme and bacon bits
Tarte normande Apple and custard pie
Tarte tatin Upside down apple pie

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