6 Reasons Why There is A French Heritage in Canada

A Canadian flag painted on a white brick wall

Not only Quebec region is the only North-American territory in which French is the official language, but it also where we can find one of the oldest and vast community of French-speakers in the world.

Here are 6 reasons why.


1.  When Europe was occupying North America in the 17th & 18th centuries, France sent people from Paris to populate the province. Back then it was called the Nouvelle France. French became the language of the administration, the army, the Church, the Court and enters in schools' curriculum.
2. The Québec region became British in 1763 after the French and Indian War. In response to the American rebellion of 1773, the British King, George III, secured the support of Quebecers by granting them the right to preserve French use and by quadrupling the size of their territory via the Quebec Act.
3. Amongst it's over 7,600,000 inhabitants, Québec has about 78% of native French speakers, and roughly 95% of bilingual French-English speakers. 
4. With 22% of the total population who speaks it, French is the second native language in Canada, after English spoken by 58% of the population.
5. Having strong desires to become independent, the Québec region fights to protect and promote French against the English influence with many policies and incentives. For instance, there are juicy subventions granted to fund the creation of French-speaking broadcasted content. 
6. Still in search of independence, Québec doesn't shy away from erasing English traces whenever possible. For instance: the McDonald's McChicken is called McPoulet, and the STOP sign in traffic is named ARRÊT.

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