40 Most Used Abbreviation On Social Media

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Our promise to help you become fully fluent in French would not be complete if we didn’t address the abbreviations aka the sms language. Just so we’re clear: we do not encourage the extensive use of abbreviations to write on social media ever. We believe this is how we slowly but surely stop knowing how to spell the full word. However, we can’t deny the fact that most people use it, and in these times of confinement it might come in handy if you need to understand French-speaking friends on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.


Abbreviation Meaning Translation
A+ A plus Talk to you later
Auj Aujourd'hui Today
Att Attend Wait
Bcp Beaucoup A lot
Bjr Bonjour Hello
Bsx/Biz Bisous/Bises Kisses
C C'est It is
Cc Coucou Another alternative to Hello
Cmb Combien How many
2m1 Demain Tomorrow
Dc Donc So
Dsl Désolé Sorry
J're Je reviens I'll be right back
Ki Qui Who
Klr Clair Clear
Koi de 9 Quoi de neuf What's new with you
Lgtmp Longtemps Long time
Mdp Mot de passe Password
Mdr Mort de rire (even if lol is more popular) Lol
Mnt Maintenant Now
Msg Message Message
Ns Nous Us
Oklm Au calme Easy
Pb Problème Problem
Pcq/Psk/Pck Parce que Because
Pk/Pkoi Pourquoi Why
Ptdr Pété de rire Lmfao
Qqn Quelqu'un Someone
Rep Répondre Answer
Re Rebonjour Hello again
Rdv Rendez-vous Meeting
Slt Salut Another alternative to Hello
Srx Sérieux Serious
St Sont (They) Are
Stp/Svp S'il te/vous plaît Please
Svt Souvent Often
Tjrs/tjs/tjr Toujours Always
Tkt T'inquiètes Don't worry
Tps Temps Time
Tt Tout/Toutes/Tous All


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