20 French Words & Expressions From Québec

canadian ans quebecer flags waving in the blue sky

If you read our quick article on the French heritage in Canada, you already know that Québec is a French-speaking region. Now, you must know that the French spoken in Québec is sometimes different from the one spoken in France. MOLKOÏ gives you the most common expressions you will hear in Québec just so you’re not confused upon visiting the beautiful province for the first time.

Quebecer Expression French Equivalent Meaning
Barrer Fermer à clé / verrouiller To lock
Bienvenue De rien You're welcome
Blonde Petite-amie / Copine Girlfriend
Breuvage Boisson Drink / Beverage
Cellulaire Portable Cellular phone
Chandail Pull / T-shirt Sweater / T-shirt
Char Voiture Car
Chum Petit-ami / Copin Boyfriend
Fête Anniversaire Birthday
Gomme Chewing-gum Bubble gum
Jaser Bavarder Chat up
La job, la bus Le job, le bus Job, bus
Liqueur Boisson gazeuse / soda Soda
Magasiner Faire du shopping / les magasins To go shopping
Ça a pas d'allure / Ça a pas d'bon sens C'est n'importe quoi It makes no sense
Niaiser Se moquer, dire des idioties To mock, to make jokes
Pantoute Pas du tout Not at all
J'suis tanné J'en ai marre I'm fed up
5 à 7 Happy hour Happy hour
Souper Dîner Dinner

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