11 Ways to Greet in French

bonjour older couple on bike saying hi waving in the nature with trees in background

In French, just like in any language, there are different ways of greeting each other depending on the familiarity we have with the people we speak to, and the time of the day. MOLKOÏ provides you with the list below to help get one step closer to a legit French speaker.

Expression Meaning
Bonjour Hello / Good Morning
Salut Hi
Coucou Hey there
Quoi de neuf ? What's up? /  What's popping?
Ca va? How are you doing?
Au revoir Goodbye
Salut Bye
Bon, j'y vais I'm leaving
A plus (tard) See you (later)
A tout à l'heure / A bientôt See you in a bit / See you soon
Bonsoir / Bonne soirée Good Evening / Have a good evening


Which ones have you already heard? ⬇

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