11 Official Public Holidays in France

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We’ve decided to dedicate a series of articles covering the 11 public holidays in France just so you know what is so important to the nation that it needs a full day to remember it. It will also come in handy planning a trip to France while avoiding the bummer of finding tourist attractions, shops or restaurants closed when you were dying to go.

It will also be useful understanding why around May and June your French contact at work keeps bringing the “since we have a long weekend coming” card. 🙄

Date French Holiday Name English Name
10 JAN Jour de l'An New Year's Day
13 APR Lundi de Pâques Easter Monday
01 MAY Fête du Travail Labor Day
08 MAY Fête de la Victoire Victory in Europe Day aka V-E Day
21 MAY Jour de l'Ascension Ascension Day
01 JUN Lundi de Pentecôte Whit Monday
14 JUL Fête Nationale Bastille Day
15 AUG Assomption Assumption Day
01 NOV Toussaint All Saints Day
11 NOV Jour d'Armistice Armistice Day
25 DEC Noël Christmas Day

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