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The Epiphany is not a public holiday in France, but it is the second highlight of the year after New Year’s Day. MOLKOÏ is breaking down its tradition just so you know why we eat the famous galette des rois on this very day.
The subordinating conjunction is an invariable word that links 2 elements of a sentence that have a dependency. Below is the list of the main subordinating conjunction classes in French.
The 1st article goes to the first day of the year commonly known as the “Jour de l’an. Yes, it is most likely a public holiday in most countries (excepted Ethiopia, Israel, China, etc.) but here is the French reason why. January 1st hasn’t always been the first day of the year in France. It changed many times...
Interjections are expressions used to react, express a feeling or reproduce a sound. In this case the interjection is called an onomatopoeia. Here is the list of the most used once in France.
We’ve decided to dedicate a series of articles covering the 11 public holidays in France just so you know what is so important to the nation that it needs a full day to remember it. It will also come in handy planning a trip to France while avoiding the bummer of finding tourist attractions, shops or restaurants closed...
The locution is a group of words that play the same grammatical role as a word alone. The different locution types are classified according to the words they are made of, and according to what they express. Below is the list of the most used ones.
When learning a new language, it is a very human reflex to cling to words that already sound familiar in our own language. Because of common grounds our languages are very likely to contain similar words but our history and cultural references attached different meanings to it. These words are called faux-amis ...
In today’s post MOLKOÏ briefly covers the reason why false cognates exist between English and French just so you actually know for real. Throughout its history, the English language has been subject to many influences. However, the Latin and French influence are the ones who were the most impactful.
Well, it is pretty simple. In French, prepositions are invariable words that are used to link 2 words together. No matter the grammatical value of the second word, it is called a complément because it always adds a more precise information on the first word. Here is a list of the most used one.