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The Pentecost marks the day when the Holly Spirit came down on Jesus’ disciples as he announced it on Ascension Day 9 days earlier. The Pentecost happens 49 days after Easter.
In France, Ascension Day is celebrated on a Thursday between April 30th and June 3rd. This Christian celebration happens 40 days after Easter in remembrance of the 40 days Jesus Christ spent with his disciples after his resurrection...
On May 8th, we celebrate the end of World War II and its fighters. That day was specifically chosen by Staline who absolutely wanted the Nazi Germany to sign the surrender at the Red Army in Berlin, whereas it had just been signed on May 7th 1945 in Reims. So the new signature took place on May 8th 1945 at Karlshorst
In France, Labor Day is celebrated May 1st since 1890, like in most countries, even if it became a paid bank holiday in 1941 only. That day is inherited from the United States where unions and employees went on a ferocious strike in Chicago and earned the 8-hour workday in May 1886.
Easter Monday is the only day of the French calendar that is a public holiday just because. Nothing special happens that day.
Crêpes are so good and easy to make that we eat them whenever we want in France. However, 2 official days are dedicated to them in the calendar: the Chandeleur (Candlemas) and Mardi Gras. Only a few weeks apart...
Sain litterally means healthy. Saint can play the role of a noun or adjective. In both case it refers to someone/something holy, sacred.
Gêne means discomfort, embarassment. Gène is the DNA segment.
Foi is the litteral translation of faith. Foie is the liver in the digestive tract.